Leather Cleaning

Nubuck Protection

Nubuck Protection: Is a protectant for Nubuck Leathers. Nubuck Protection imparts an invisible barrier resulting in protection against oil, water based stains and aids in resisting normal soiling.

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Order by the case – $900.00
Order by the quart – $75.00

Price: from $75.00

Nubuck Cloth

The Leather Pro Nubuck Cloth is a state of the art cloth designed to gently remove surface dirt and build up off the nap of Nubuck leathers and Microfibers.

Price: $5.00

Moisture PA

Moisture PA

Moisture PA: Is a leather food designed to replenish the lost natural moisture in Pigmented and Aniline leathers that evaporates over time.

Click here to download a copy of the MSDS for this product.

Order by the case – $225.00 each
Order by the quart – $18.75 each

Price: from $18.75


Microscope: Variable Magnifications and focuses. Used to view fractures in finish systems, educate client and to view differences as cleaning moisture and protection steps are achieved.

Price: $30.00

Leather Pro Cleaning Toolkit

Contains 4 Aniline, 1 MPA, 1 PPA, 5 NB Cloths, Tool Box, Microscope, Blow Dryer.

Price: from $279.50

Leather Pro Cleaning Manual

Leather Pro! ® Leather Care Technician Manual: 225 Pages in Full Color. Over 100 Pictures of step-by-step leather cleaning procedures. This manual is also a published book with a copyright© and it assisted in setting the bar for the IICRC Leather Cleaning Technician Course. The Manual is the same manual Leather Pro! ® uses in teaching the IICRC Leather Cleaning Technician Course. Manual covers the gambit of History, Definitions, Tanning, Identification, Leather Types, Cleaning, Potential issues and much much more….

Price: $150.00

Leather Cleaning Sponge

Leather Cleaning Sponge: Is used to apply cleaning solutions and Nubuck cloths are wrapped around it to clean Nubuck leathers.

Price: $2.50

Folding Blow Dryer

Blow Dryer: Folding Dryer used to accelerate drying.

Price: $30.00