Founded in 1984, Textile Care Group is a multi-faceted corporation that includes Leather Pro!®, Integrity Carpet Cleaning and Textile Care Group Chemicals.


Leather Pro!®

Leather Pro!® is one of the world’s largest producers of leather care products. Leather Pro!® is also recognized as an industry expert in leather furniture cleaning, restoration, and repair. Our focus is providing our clients excellence in Leather Care, Education and World Class Leather Care Products. The Leather Pro!® Division provides hands o­n training to consumers, retailers, and professional cleaners.


Integrity Carpet Cleaning

Integrity Carpet Cleaning, our Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Division offers all cleaning methods but focuses on cleaning methods/systems that are DRY in comparison to normal steam cleaning experiences. We primarily use a variety of Low Moisture Systems adapted to your carpet’s specific needs! The processes normally dry in about 1-2 hours.


Textile Care Group Chemicals

Textile Care Group Chemicals, our Chemical Production Division manufactures Versacap a Low Moisture Encapsulant with Dehydration Technology that has attained Tandus Carpet Mills approval as a Low Moisture and Hot Water Extraction Cleaner. Textile Care Group Chemicals produces the highly popular Leather Pro! ® Line of products.


Textile Care Group is also the Management company for the Low Moisture Carpet Cleaner’s Association. The Association is involved in the IICRC-The Clean Trust,CIRI,ISSA,WFCA and provides technical information to Industry publications. It’s has published technical white papers including one that defines “Low Moisture”. To Find out more about this great association go to: www.lmcca.org


Our company founder/president, Lonnie McDonald, was elected to Cleanfax® Dream Team which constitutes the Top 5 Cleaning and Restoration Industry Professionals. Read more about Lonnie here